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I Am Pablo

13th April 2017

My name is Pablo Gallut Pérez and I’m from Santander in the north of Spain. I’m 22 years old I'm very curious, chilled, I am a foodie and a Taurus.

15 Architectural Beauties

12th April 2017

In honour of the 2017 Milan design week, we have rounded up 15 stunning yet somewhat overlooked buildings across the world. From NYC to India, the world is full of beautiful and interesting buildings.

Shades Of Green

21st March 2017

“A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” After a pretty rocky 2016, I think this is a very relevant description for many to sum up 2017 so far, a new beginning. This is so clear to see in the trends of 2017 so far.

The Ultimate Office Playlist

17th March 2017

If there’s constant bickering over what radio station is played throughout your office, then look no further as we have compiled 100 perfect songs to suit anyone’s tastes and needs.

Water Bottles

11th March 2017

Water bottles are becoming very fashionable and can make quite a statement. Whether it’s to take to the gym or work, there is most definitely going to be a water bottle out there to suit everyone’s needs, so Grace has been having a look at what is on the market.

1000 Mile Challenge

7th March 2017

This year I (Naomi) am undertaking a 1000 mile challenge, courtesy of Virtual Run UK. It sounded like a great way to keep fit in mind and body when I signed up to it, whilst also being a great challenge. It was only when I stopped to do the maths, that I realised that this would mean running at least 31km per week, which can very quickly add up to many more kilometres if you go away and miss out on your running!

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