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I Am Jorge Rea

29th April 2018

My name is Jorge and I am doing my internship at Pink Sky for 3 months. I am from Cáceres, a lovely town located in the west of Spain. It is my hometown since I grew up there, somehow thanks to that I am the person I am now.

Outsourcing Your Social Media

23rd April 2018

You might be aware that you don't do enough social media, or any at all, but you're also thinking you don't have the time or knowledge to do anything else right now.

Launching E-DROP, Sweden

11th April 2018

We recently had the pleasure of creating a completely new brand for a start-up company called E-drop. As part of a bigger organisation, E-Drop was developed from scratch to offer a much needed service in the world of online shopping and delivery solutions.

Branding For The Twinkle Candle Company, USA

28th March 2018

Twinkle Candle Company is based in America and handmake soy candles and body products. Their products don't involve any animal testing and only contain high quality ingredients, they are also all vegan friendly with no Phlalate or Parabens used.

Top 20 Trade Show Tips

28th March 2018

At Pink Sky we attend many trade shows each year, either for, or with our clients, and we're becoming quite the pros at shows. Obviously we love to help design and staff stands but never let it be said that we can't offer some practical guidance too. So we've put together our Top 20 Trade Tips, or T2TST if you will. These are things to help promote your brand, or your client, while also remembering all the important things you'll need at the show.

The Importance Of Copy

28th March 2018

Words form a basic part of everyday communication, but they also allow us to enjoy some of the more beautiful experiences on earth. Favourite songs, handwritten letters, declarations of love, requests for forgiveness, unknown languages, films, first words and of course, books. 

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