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COVID-19 Contingency Statement

As the world is adjusting to the spread of COVID-19 there is a lot of anxiety for many people surrounding the continuation of business and the subsequent impact on the economy. At Pink Sky we are working hard to mitigate any difficulties and will be continuing to trade as normal, assisting clients with digital solutions to real-life events and ensuring that work is completed on time wherever possible. We are very fortunate to be a nimble business that can more or less operate from anywhere, so we have taken the following steps to ensure business continuity.

  1. All staff are now working remotely to ensure their safety and health, as well as that of their families. They have everything they need to continue work as usual and will be easily contactable via email, so do get in touch.
  2. We are putting flexible working in place for all staff members with children, parents over the age of 70, and any other family circumstances that might affect usual working hours.
  3. We have cancelled all work placements for the next few months to maximise flexible working for our staff and also to minimise exposure to risk.
  4. We are asking all visitors to the office to fill in a short questionnaire, and containing meetings to one downstairs room to protect our staff and workspace.
  5. As a creative agency we are assisting businesses as they consider what they can do to continue to trade in innovative ways whilst the pandemic is at its peak. Solutions include online events and exhibitions, packaging for home deliveries, audio/video-based training, and helping to get company branding and communications in order whilst trips, meetings and other business are postponed. This is in order to position businesses well for when imminent risks have receded and the industry is rebuilt.

While we have made the decision to close the office for the time being, we want to reassure you that we are fully contactable to discuss any concerns you may have either individually or as a business. We will be continuing with your work and will be here to serve you in your design needs, ensuring our high standards are maintained during this time. So for us it is business as usual, with a good dose of common sense and a helping of creative flexibility to make it work. We are here for you, and we are in this together!