The best plums we could find! 

The Flavorking plum is a hybrid of a red plum and an apricot, a product known as a ‘pluot’. The result of this hybrid is an incredible flavour that tastes a little bit like bubblegum, so it is a really popular product for those in the know. The problem with the Flavorking plum is the very short window of opportunity for purchase. The South African season is approximately 6-8 weeks spanning between January and March (depending upon growing and weather conditions) and then there is a Spanish and Italian season in the early autumn. Therefore it is really important to keep this amazing fruit in the forefront of everybody’s mind when the seasons come around.

We were given a challenge by M&S and its suppliers, With approximately one week to come up with a way of promoting Flavorking plums and taking them to the public. In the space of a week we developed an identity, an exhibition stand, booked a show, staffed it, came up with recipes and competitions, and started social media accounts. The show was incredibly successful, with lots of celebrity attention for this amazing fruit. Davina McCall particularly enjoyed trying the plums and recommended them to everybody in her talk!

The success of the Flavorking campaign has grown into our larger campaign, Adventures in Fruit. The Flavorking campaign now sits within this and has grown significantly.

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